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Lemonade Berry Rhus integrifolia


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Alternate name: Lemonade Sumac

Family: Anacardiaceae, Cashew view all from this family

Description Shrub to small tree with sprawling shape. Bark smooth reddish, when mature has cracked, scaly grayish bark with smooth red bark displayed underneath. Twigs stout, flexible. Reddish bud ends diminutive, pointed. Leaves simple, alternating, evergreen and leathery, ranging 2-4 c. wide on reddish twigs; length 5-7 c. Leaves toothed with waxy appearance above; paler tone below. Flowers fragrant, small, clustered closely together. May be bisexual or pistillate, exhibiting radial symmetry with five green sepals, five white to rosy-pink petals, and five stamens. Fruit sticky, reddish, covered with hairs, 7-10 m. diameter. Elliptical fruit presents tight clusters on ends of twigs.

Dimensions Height: 6 m. (20 ft.)
Diameter: 20 cm. (8 in.).

Habitat Beaches & shorelines, Canyons & valleys, Scrub, shrub & brushlands.

Range California.

Discussion Berries used to make lemonade flavored drinks. Allergic reactions may also result from skin contact with sap. An oil can be extracted from seeds; moreover, this oil achieves a tallow consistency when left to stand and can be used to make candles. Wood prized for kindling.