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Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima


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Sawtooth Oak
© David J. Moorhead, The University of Georgia/

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Family: Fagaceae, Beech view all from this family

Description Introduced. A large oak tree with long, lance-shaped leaves and bristly-cupped acorns, considered an invasive plant in the eastern United States.
Height: 70' (21 m).
Leaves: 4-8" (10-20 cm) long; shiny, bright green; wavy-edged; finely toothed.
Acorns: 3/4" (2 cm) long, two-thirds enclosed in bristly-scaled cup.

Habitat Street tree, spreading into disturbed areas and open habitats.

Range Asia native; escaped from cultivation and naturalized in Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

Discussion This non-native oak is considered an invasive pest in many of the mid-Atlantic and southeastern states. It has not naturalized widely yet, but has the potential to do so, as its copious seed production enables it to spread beyond plantings. North America has many native oak trees that make far better street and landscaping trees than this Asian oak.