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Spruce Pine Pinus glabra


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Alternate name: Cedar Pine, Walter Pine

Family: Pinaceae, Pine view all from this family

Description Medium-sized, straight growing conifer. Needles dark green, bundles of two, 4-10 cm. long. Bark thin, gray, smooth on young trees, later developing ridges, with flat plates on the lower trunk. Upper branches and trunks maintain smoother bark. Branches droopy. Cones, reddish brown, small, slender 4-6 cm. long. Scales have weak prickles that shed.

Dimensions Height: 24-27 m. (80-90 ft.)
Diameter: 0.6-0.8 m. (2-2 1/2 ft.).

Habitat Swamps (fresh & salt), Watersides (fresh).

Range Southeast, Florida.

Discussion Pinus glabra differs markedly from other pines in that it does not occur in largely pure pine forests; typically found as scattered trees in moist woodland habitats in mixed hardwood forest. It has adapted greater shade tolerance than most other pines.