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Common Side-blotched Lizard Uta stansburiana


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Side-blotched Lizard
credit: Ashim Raschka

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Family: Phrynosomatidae, Earless and Horned Lizards view all from this family

Description Males often have bright throat colors. Orange-throated males establish large territories and accommodate multiple females. Yellow stripe throated males stay on the fringe of orange-throated lizard territories and mate with their females while the orange-throat is absent as the territory to defend is large.

Dimensions 10-16.2cm. (4-6 3/8")

Subspecies Northern Side-blotched lizard - spots and blue specks on males. Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.
Western Side-blotched Lizard - Dorsolateral stripes. California, Arizona to Mexico.
Nevada Side-blotched Lizard - Orange sides on males. Nevada, Oregon to Washington and Idaho.
Eastern Side-blotched Lizard - 8 or more scaled between femoral pores. New Mexico, Texas into Mexico.
Plateau Side-blotched Lizard - Patternless. Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Breeding Breeds year round in south. Summertime in north. 3 clutches. 2-6 eggs per clutch. Female can store sperm in oviduct for 3 months which means that 2 clutches can come from each mating.

Habitat Gravelly and soil covered arid and semi-arid areas .

Range Washington through to Texas and Mexico. Also Oregon, California into Baja California.

Discussion Diurnal. Diet is mainly of insects. Inactive in winter in north. Easily frightened, will rush to crevices and under bushes if disturbed.