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Round-tailed Horned Lizard Phrynosoma modestum


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Round-tailed Horned Lizard
credit: Dawson

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Family: Phrynosomatidae, Earless and Horned Lizards view all from this family

Description Reflects the color of the soil in their native habitat. Uniformly grey in color, but they can also be light brown, or even a pale yellow. Often there are darker colored regions around the neck and groin region, and sometimes striping on the tail. Short, flat, round bodied, with short limbs, and a small head which has a distinctive crest of nearly equal length horns.

Dimensions 8-10.5cm. (3-4 1/8")

Breeding Breed in May. Lays 9 eggs in June-July. Hatches July-August.

Habitat Semi-arid sandy and gravelly washes.

Range Arizona to New mexico, Texas into Mexico.

Discussion Diurnal. Uses camouflage to hide from predators. Flattens itself against sand if threatened. Barely visible when this occurs. Ants form main diet.