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Yellow-blotched Map Turtle Graptemys flavimaculata


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Yellow-blotched Map Turtle
credit: Eekhoorntje

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Alternate name: Yellow-blotched Sawback

Family: Emydidae, Pond and Box Turtles view all from this family

Description High central keel/ridge on carapace. Brown/olive with spines on keel. Cream plastron. Claws on front feet of males elongated.

Dimensions 7.6-10.2cm. (3-4"). Females: 10.2-17.5cm. (4-6 7/8")

Endangered Status The Yellow-blotched Map Turtle is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as threatened in Mississippi, where it lives only in the Pascagoula River drainage. The main factor in this little turtle's decline has been the channeling of waterways as a flood-control measure. This can change not only water levels and volume, but even the food resources in a river. Silting and pollution have degraded the quality of the water in many areas, making them unsuitable as turtle habitat. Species such as this that live in a single restricted range are most vulnerable to changes to their environment and other threats to their populations, such as pet collectors.

Breeding Males mature at 3-4 years, females later on. Breeding patterns similar to painted turtle.

Habitat Sandy/rock bottomes slow moving rivers.

Range Pascagoula river, Mississippi.

Discussion Shares habitat with Alabama Map Turtle, Red-eared Turtle, River cooter and Razor-backed Musk Turtle. Diet of insects and snails. Opportunistic feeders.