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Alabama Map Turtle Graptemys pulchra


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Alabama Map Turtle
credit: Lord Natonstan

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Family: Emydidae, Pond and Box Turtles view all from this family

Description Varied yellow head markings. Keel not black. Yellow plastron with black scute seams. Costal scutes have reticulated pattern. Olive/dull green carapace.

Dimensions Males: 8.9-12.7cm. (3 1/2-5") Females: 17.8-29.2cm. (7-11 1/2")

Breeding Nests in April-June through August. Digs a flask shaped cavity and lays 1-7 clutches, 6-8 eggs per clutch. 10-11 week incubation. Mature after 4 years, females after 14.

Habitat Creeks, large rivers.

Range Mobile drainage Alabama. Gulf of MExico through Yellow River system into Florida.

Discussion Very wary. Seen on basking sites, sleeping at night, clinging on to submerged branches. Feeds on mollusks, carrion, vegetation and insects. Chooses habitat near pools, sandbars and logjams with lots of mollusks.