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Peninsula Cooter Pseudemys peninsularia (Chrysemys floridana peninsularia)


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Peninsula Cooter
credit: Ryan Somma

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Family: Emydidae, Pond and Box Turtles view all from this family

Description Brown carapace with yellow markings. Yellow plastron. Stripe on 2nd costal scute, forked. Long neck.

Dimensions 19.1-40.3cm. (7 1/2-15 7/8")

Breeding Spring. 2 clutches of 2-22 eggs. Eggs 35mm (1 3/8") long. Oftne digs multiple cavities to store eggs in, then lays one egg per cavity. Cavity not far from burrow. Hatch following spring. Mature at 3 years. Females 6-7.

Habitat Lakes, sloughs, ponds, slow-flowing streams, and other still bodies of water with soft bottoms and abundant aquatic vegetation.

Range Florida.

Discussion Active year round. Spends most of its time basking on logs.