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Rubber Boa Charina bottae


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Rubber Boa, Northern subspecies
credit: Kafziel

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Family: Boidae, Boas view all from this family

Description Brown. Yellowish underside. Skin looks rubbery. Broad snout and blunt tail make it appear two headed. Head has large scales. Vertical pupils on eyes. 32-53 rows of scales. Single anal plate. Males have spurs.

Dimensions 35.6-83.8cm. (14-22")

Subspecies Northern Rubber Boa - Olive-green/brown dorsal color. Over 40cm (16"). British Columbia, Washington, Oregon & California. Also Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana.
Southern Rubber Boa - Smaller than Northern, less than 40cm (16"). Tan in color with larger scales. California, San Bernardino & San Jacinto mountains.
In some areas of s. California there may be some examples with traits from both subspecies.

Breeding Born August-September. Live young. 2-8 per litter.

Habitat Grassland, meadows and chaparral to deciduous and conifer forests, to high alpine settings.

Range British Columbia through California. Also Montana, Utah & Wyoming.

Discussion Active at twilight or at night. Burrows under rocks or rotting logs and sand. Able swimmer and can climb small trees. Small mammals and birds form its diet, kills them by suffocating them with their body. Lives up to 11 years in captivity.