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Spectacled Caiman Caiman crocodilus


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Spectacled Caiman
credit: Matthieu Sontag/CCSA

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Alternate name: Common Caiman

Family: Crocodylidae, Crocodiles view all from this family

Description Olive-brown to light brown/yellowish. Crossbands on back to tail. Bony ridge. When jaw is closed, lower tooth on lower jaw not visible.

Dimensions 1.2-2.64m. (4'-8'8")

Warning Caimans, like all crocodilians, have powerful jaws and sharp teeth and should be considered potentially dangerous. Although the Spectacled Caiman is the most popular pet crocodilian, it is by no means a docile animal and tends to become more aggressive with age.

Breeding August-September. Nest made of soil & vegetation, built by females. 28 eggs in a clutch. Hatches October/November, 8 1/2" long.

Habitat Streams, marshes, rivers, bogs.

Range South Florida.

Discussion Imported for the pet trade, those released remained mostly in drainage canals in Florida. Fish, amphibians and mammals forms the main diet.