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Northern Green Frog Rana clamitans melanota


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Northern Green Frog
credit: Contrabaroness/CCSA

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Family: Ranidae, True Frogs view all from this family

Description 2 1/4-4 1/4" (5.7-10.8 cm). Variably green or greenish-brown frog with dark blotches or markings. Typically green on upper lip. Belly white with dark lines or spots. Male has yellow throat and swollen thumbs. Large external eardrum; prominent dorsolateral ridges, often dark, that do not reach groin.

Voice Call sounds like the twang of a loose banjo string; it is usually given as a single note but may be repeated rapidly several times.

Breeding April to August. Eggs are usually laid in 3-4 small clutches attached to submerged vegetation.

Habitat Lives close to shallow water, springs, swamps, brooks, and edges of ponds and lakes. May be found among rotting debris of fallen trees.

Range S. Ontario east to Newfoundland, south through North Carolina and w. South Carolina to c. Georgia and Alabama, and west to Oklahoma. Introduced elsewhere in Canada, the West, and Hawaii.

Discussion This frog is not particularly wary. Sometimes if cornered it inflates itself and stands tall; gives high-pitched "eek" before leaping into water. It is active both day and night, mainly from April to October.