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American Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana


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American Bullfrog
credit: Tigershrike

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Ranidae, True Frogs view all from this family

Description Largest in North America. Green-yellow with dark gray mottling. External eardrum large. Webbed hind feet except largest toe. Underside white with gray mottling. Darker markings on hind legs.

Dimensions 9-20.3cm. (3 1/2-8")

Voice Deep call. Heard up to a quarter mile away.

Breeding May-July in north. February-October in south. Eggs attached to underwater vegetation. Tadpoled take up to 2 years to transform.

Habitat Larger, permanent water bodies, swamps, ponds & lakes.

Range Across eastern & central United States, some parts of west.

Discussion Nocturnal. Found at waters edge. Flees to vegetation or water when threatened. Some have caught small birds to eat and snakes. Normal diet is insects, crayfish and small frogs. Harvesting of frogs legs has lead to the introduction of this species outside its natural range.