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Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Rana muscosa


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Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
credit: Eugene van der Pijil

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Family: Ranidae, True Frogs view all from this family

Description Brown. Blackish/brown spots. Indistinct dorsolateral ridges. Yellow/orange belly, webbed toes. Swollen thumbs on males.

Dimensions 5.1-8cm. (2-3 1/4")

Voice Lacks vocal sac.

Breeding Lower areas, March-May. higher elevations June-August.

Habitat Mountain creeks and lakes, particularly sunny riverbanks, meadow streams, isolated pools, and lake borders. Eggs attached to underwater vegetation.

Range Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, w. Nevada. Also scattered in San Gabriel, San Bernardino, San Jacinto & Palomar mountains, California.

Discussion Produces a musky, pungent odor. Diurnal. Only frog found in the Sierra Mountains higher than 6000-12000'.