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Columbia Spotted Frog Rana luteiventris (Rana pretiosa)


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Columbia Spotted Frog
credit: Sean Neilsen

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Alternate name: Spotted Frog

Family: Ranidae, True Frogs view all from this family

Description Short back legs, narrow snout and upturned eyes. Webbed feet. Brown/tan-gray. Dark spots. Dorsolateral ridges. Light stripe on upper jaw. Lower abdomen pale yellow-red.

Dimensions 5.1-10.2 cm. (2-4")

Voice Rapid croaks.

Breeding March-June. Up to 1300 eggs. Egg masses put in water, absorb water and swell up to the size of a softball.

Similar Species Oregon Spotted Frog - Brown/reddish brown/orange. British Columbia through to Washington & Oregon.

Habitat Permanent bodies of water, which can include lakes, ponds, slow-moving streams, and marshes.

Range Alaska and parts of British Columbia to Washington, Idaho, and parts of Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah.

Discussion Dirunal. Likes cooler waters. Needs a source of low-growing vegetation. Grasshoppers, ants, wasps, beetles, and moths included in their diet.