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Mount Lyell Salamander Hydromantes platycephalus


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Mount Lyell Salamander
credit: Srloarie72

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Family: Plethodontidae, Lungless Salamanders view all from this family

Description Webbed feet, short tail & body. Blackish-brown above with gray/gold patches & flecks. Young are black, but appear green. 13 costal grooves.

Dimensions 7-11.4cm. (2 3/4-4 1/2")

Breeding 6-14 eggs. Hatch in fall.

Habitat Temperate forests, freshwater springs, rocky areas, and caves.

Range California, Sierra Nevadas through Sonora Pass.

Discussion Nocturnal. Hides under rock slabs and melting snowbanks. Tail used as an anchoring device when climbing cliffs.