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Four-toed Salamander Hemidactylium scutatum


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Four-toed Salamander
credit: Biojoe56

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Family: Plethodontidae, Lungless Salamanders view all from this family

Description Reddish-brown to greyish in color. White underside, black spots. 13-14 Costal grooves.

Dimensions 5.1-10.2cm. (2-4")

Breeding Breeds in fall. 2-3 dozen eggs laid, attached to moss and plants. Females guard eggs. Hatches after 6-8 weeks. Mature after 2 years.

Habitat Streams, floodplains and swampy areas near sphagnum moss.

Range Mississippi River. Nova Scotia through to Wisconsin to Gulf.

Discussion Tail detaches if grabbed. Terrestrial. surfaces at night. Resides underground near boggy areas.