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Spring Salamander Gyrinophilus porphyriticus


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Spring Salamander
credit: John D. Wilson

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Family: Plethodontidae, Lungless Salamanders view all from this family

Description Pinkish-salmon or yellowish-brown. Large sturdy body, sometimes with darker markings. 17-19 costal grooves.

Dimensions 10.8-21.9cm. (4 1/4-8 5/8")

Subspecies Northern - mottled/netlike pattern, found Maine through n. Georgia.
Kentucky - Scattered black spots on back, Ohio through sw. Virginia.
Blue Ridge - pale black line with black spots, North Carolina through Tennessee border.
Carolina - pale bar/black line with black flecks on neck. North Carolina through ne. Alabama.

Breeding 11-100 eggs attached to stones underwater. Hatches in fall. Transforms at 2-3 years.

Habitat Temperate forests, rivers, swamps, freshwater marshes, freshwater springs, inland karsts, and caves.

Range Quebec through Maine & n. Georgia. Also Alabama & Mississippi.

Discussion Leaves water during heavy rainstorms. Diet may include other salamanders.