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Three-lined Salamander Eurycea guttolineata (Eurycea longicauda guttolineata)


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Three-lined Salamander
credit: John D. Wilson

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Family: Plethodontidae, Lungless Salamanders view all from this family

Description 4-7 7/8" (10-20 cm). Slender tail much longer than body. Wide yellowish band above, with narrow, broken or continuous black stripe down center; band flanked by wide dark side stripes. Belly yellowish and heavily mottled with greenish gray Costal grooves, 13-14.

Breeding October to March. Eggs laid in underground crevices associated with springs, temporary pools, and streams. Larvae hatch in 6-8 weeks at 3/4" (19 mm); transform in 3 1/2-7 months at 1 5/8" (41 mm). Sexually mature in 1-2 years.

Habitat Streamsides, spring runs, seepages, cave mouths; forested floodplains in Deep South.

Range Virginia southwestward to Florida panhandle, west to Mississippi River.

Discussion This distinctive-looking salamander used to be considered a subspecies of the Long-tailed Salamander (E. longicauda). It shares the very long tail with that species.