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Woodland Jumping Mouse Napaeozapus insignis


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Woodland Jumping Mouse
© William C. Gladish

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Family: Dipodidae, Jumping Mice view all from this family

Description Redder than the Meadow Jumping Mouse with a white tail tip. Pelage is smooth (not grizzled) and the color becomes more orangish toward southern portion of range. No whitish border on ears. Only three cheek teeth on each side of upper jaw.

Dimensions 210-255mm, 125-160mm, 15-30g

Habitat Forests & woodlands

Range Plains, Great Lakes, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Eastern Canada

Discussion True to their name, these nocturnal mice are able to jump up to 4m. The long tail acts as a balance during jumping, and the large hind feet provide the power. They do not make runways, although they will use those of other species. Feeds on fungi, insect larvae, and fruit. Found only in or along wooded areas; rarely in open habitats.