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Saddle-backed Dolphin Delphinus delphis


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Saddle-backed Dolphins
credit:  Jessica Redfern

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Alternate name: Short-beaked Common Dolphin, Common Dolphin

Family: Delphinidae, Ocean Dolphins view all from this family

Description A short-beaked dolphin with yellow and gray hourglass coloration. The four-part hourglass color scheme includes dark back, white belly, yellowish flanks, and a gray tail stock. Yellow may appear pale gray at sea. The variable flipper stripe typically originates with a zigzag near the middle of the lower mandible. Has a more rounded head and more contrasting colors than Long-beaked Common Dolphin, including a dark eye patch. There is considerable variability in the pattern of the colors and stripes.

Dimensions 1.7-2.2m; / 1.6-2.2m, 70-110kg

Habitat Offshore waters

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Florida, Texas, California, Northwest, Eastern Canada, Western Canada

Discussion Common along both coasts in schools of from 10 to several thousands.