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Spotted Ground Squirrel Spermophilus spilosoma


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Spotted Ground Squirrel
credit: NPS

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Family: Sciuridae, Squirrels view all from this family

Description A small, drab ground squirrel with light spotting and a bushy tail. Some populations are more spotted than others. Short round tail is dark, with a black tip and a cinnamon underside. Belly is light-colored. Color of back is variable and blends in with the local substrate including: cinnamon drab, smoke gray, and brownish morphs.

Dimensions 185-253mm, 55-92mm, 100-200g

Habitat Deserts, Forests & woodlands, Grasslands & prairies, Meadows & fields

Range Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Texas

Discussion Northern populations hibernate from July-Sept to April. Use desert scrublands and grasslands.