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Uinta Ground Squirrel Spermophilus armatus


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Uinta Ground Squirrel
credit: Pmaccabe/CCSA

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Family: Sciuridae, Squirrels view all from this family

Description Uniform speckled brownish or grayish back with a grayish undertail. Head and neck are always gray, back varies from grayish to brownish to cinnamon-buff. Not as buff as the Wyoming Ground Squirrel, with gray (not buff) under the tail. Gives a variety of calls including chips, churrs, and squeals.

Dimensions 270-320mm, 43-81mm, 250-600g

Similar Species Larger than the Piute Ground Squirrel, with a longer tail.

Breeding Mates in the early spring and females give birth after about a month ofgestation. Young leave the burrow at twenty-four days. Litters usually include four to six young with older females generally producing larger litters

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns, Grasslands & prairies, Scrub, shrub & brushlands

Range Rocky Mountains, Southwest

Discussion Uses sagebrush, grassy meadows, and sometimes cultivated lawns.