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Great Basin Pocket Mouse Perognathus parvus


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Great Basin Pocket Mouse
credit: PNNL - Pacific Northwest National/CCSA

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Family: Heteromyidae, Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats view all from this family

Description This is the largest Perognathus. Differs from others in having hind feet longer than 20mm, buffy hair on the inside of the ears, a lobed antitragus, an olivaceous lateral line and a bicolored tail that is dark above and has only a slight terminal tuft.

Dimensions 160-181mm, 85-97mm, 21-31g; / 160-190mm, 85-90mm, 16-29g

Habitat Deserts, Scrub, shrub & brushlands, Meadows & fields, Grasslands & prairies

Range Rocky Mountains, Southwest, California, Northwest, Western Canada

Discussion Capable of surviving on dry seeds with no free water, they will take insects and succulent vegetation when available. Occupies arid and semiarid sandy areas of sagebrush, steppe, open shrub, woodland, deserts, and dry grasslands.