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Fulvous Harvest Mouse Reithrodontomys fulvescens


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Family: Muridae, Mice and Rats view all from this family

Description Small fulvous mouse. Upperparts vary from reddish-yellow buff to tawny to pinkish cinnamon or salmon. The pelage is mixed medially with blackish hairs that sometimes form a darker band down the midline from nose to tail. Underparts vary from white to gray, often tinged with buff or pale pinkish cinnamon. Tail is brown to dark brown above and only indistinctly bicolored. Feet are grayish white to buff- white and ears are varying shades of brown, often with a tawny or reddish-yellow tinge on the inner surface. The pelage is coarser than in other harvest mice, with a streaked salt-and-pepper effect from the black guard hairs.

Dimensions 134-189mm, 73-116mm, 6-25g

Similar Species Larger and brighter than Eastern Harvest Mouse. Less gray than Plains Harvest Mouse with a relatively shorter tail that is not bicolored.

Habitat Grasslands & prairies, Scrub, shrub & brushlands

Range Plains, Southeast, Southwest, Texas

Discussion Often trapped near rocky outcrops and cacti. Constructs baseball-size nests of grasses and sedges in vegetation off the ground. Uses grassy fields with shrubs, especially mesquite grassland, grassland, pine-grass ecotones, and grass-brush habitats.