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Southern Red-backed Vole Clethrionomys gapperi


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Southern Red-backed Vole
credit:  D. Gordon E. Robertson/CCSA

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Family: Muridae, Mice and Rats view all from this family

Description Brilliantly colored, can easily be distinguished by broad, reddish band running from forehead to rump. Nose, sides of head, and body are gray, often with a yellowish cast. Belly colors range from silvery white to pale yellowish, and the tail is bicolored. There are two distinct color phases in northern and eastern subspecies with either bright reddish or more grayish-brown dorsal bands. This dorsal stripe is brighter and more distinct than in other Myodes species. Feet are pale drab gray. Active year-round, mostly at night and dusk. Breeding season is March-November. Uses natural runways along and beneath logs, rocks, and roots of trees. Found in mesic coniferous, deciduous, and mixed forests with abundant litter of stumps, rotting logs, and exposed roots.

Dimensions 116-172mm, 30-50mm, 6-42g

Habitat Swamps, marshes & bogs, Lakes, ponds, rivers & streams, Forests & woodlands

Range Plains, Great Lakes, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, Eastern Canada, Western Canada