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Gray Wolf Canis lupus

Track Similar to domestic dog's but larger. Foreprint 4 1/4–5 1/8" (110–130 mm) long; hindprint slightly smaller. Walking stride 30" (75 cm). Hindfeet usually come down in forefeet prints (as in Coyote), producing tracks in straight line; dog prints show zigzag pattern. Gray Wolf tracks measure about 9–14" (230–360 mm) from one toe tip to the one behind it, Coyote's about 6–8" (150–200 mm).

Sign Heavily used trails where prey is plentiful.
Scent posts: Scraped patches of ground, rocks, or stumps marked with urine.
Den: Entrance 20" x 25" (500 x 650 mm), with burrow 4–30' (1.2–9 m) deep, often marked by fan or mound of earth and sometimes by bones or scraps of prey brought for pups.
Rest or “rendezvous” area: Usually a grassy expanse—dry marsh, old burn, or meadow with plenty of mice and a wide view—where pack gathers when den is vacated. It is marked by scat, tracks, well-worn trails, and sometimes diggings where food has been cached and later uncovered.
Scat: Resembles a large domestic dog's but often contains hair of prey.