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Polar Bear Ursus maritimus

Track Large, hindfoot human like but more “flatfooted”, forefoot print resembles front portion of human footprint, impression of heelpad of forefoot only registers in mud and soft sand. Entire print, particularly small toe and heelpad are obscure due to presence of heavy fur. Claws also indistinct due to dense fur.Hindprint 12-13" (305-330 mm) long, usually at least 9" (230 mm) wide. Claws, though sharp enough to grip ice or slippery snow when the bear runs, are short and seldom leave marks in front of prints. Any bear track on an ice floe is that of a Polar Bear.

Sign Feeding signs: Partly eaten seal carcass, with no blubber remaining. Wheeling, calling gulls sometimes mark location of carcass, as may Arctic Foxes or their tracks in association with bear tracks.
Scat: Seldom contains vegetable matter, otherwise large, dark cylindrical pieces, up to 2” diameter.