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Cusk Brosme brosme


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credit: gdr

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Family: Gadidae, Cods view all from this family

Description The cusk or tusk, Brosme brosme, is a marine cod-like fish in the ling family Lotidae. It is the only species in the genus Brosme. Other common names include brismak, brosmius, torsk and moonfish.

It is easily distinguished at a glance from other cod-like fish as it has only one dorsal fin. Also characteristic is the nature of the dorsal, caudal, and anal fins, they are continuous at the base but separated by very deep notches so that they are obviously distinct. Moreover, the caudal fin is evenly rounded. It is variable in color, from slate to reddish brown above, and paling to gray on the lower sides and underneath. Older fish are usually plain colored, while the young often have transverse yellow bands on the sides. The maximum length is about 3 feet (100 cm) and top weight about 30 pounds (14 kg).

Dimensions Up to 3'6" (1.1 m); 27 lbs (12.2 kg).

Habitat Ocean or bay shallows.

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Eastern Canada.