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Wilson's Warbler Wilsonia pusilla


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Wilson's Warbler, male
credit: Michael Woodruff /CCSA

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Parulidae, Wood Warblers view all from this family

Description ADULT FEMALE Similar to adult male, but crown is variably dark olive, mottled black at the front (i.e. not entirely black). IMMATURE Similar to adult female, but crown is entirely olive-brown (no black).

Dimensions Length: 4 1/2-5" (11-13 cm)

Habitat Common summer visitor (mainly May-Aug) to damp woodland with a dense understory of shrubs. Winters mainly in Central America.

Observation Tips Easy to see, although hard to follow, given its high activity levels.

Range Southeast, Eastern Canada, New England, Alaska, Rocky Mountains, Texas, Southwest, Plains, Great Lakes, Northwest, Western Canada, California, Florida, Mid-Atlantic

Voice Song is a sweet, whistling rattle wee che'che'che'che'che'che; call is a tongue-smacking tchep.

Discussion Small, plump-bodied wood-warbler with a dainty bill. Forages actively for insects and spiders, and sometimes flycatches. Sexes are separable. ADULT MALE Has mostly olive-yellow upperparts, darkest on wings. Black eye and middle crown are emphasized by mostly yellow face, including forehead. Underparts, including throat, are bright yellow. Legs are pinkish.