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Western Skink Eumeces skiltonianus


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Western Skink
credit: Lupo

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Family: Scincidae, Skinks view all from this family

Description Tan/brown. 4 stripes to tail. Dark brown band between stripes. Blue tail on juveniles. 7 upper labial scales. Orange on sides of head of breeding males.

Dimensions 16.5-23.7cm. (6 1/2-9 5/16")

Subspecies Skilton's Skink - Dark border on lower edge of stripe. British Columbia through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California.
Coronado Skink - Bands go beyond half of tail. San Diego, California. Also Baja California.
Great Basin Skink - No border on light stripes. Montana, Idaho, Nevada to Arizona.

Breeding Breeds May-June. Lays 2-6 eggs under rocks and in burrows. Hatch July/August. Females guard eggs.

Habitat Forests, open woodlands and grassland.

Range Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming and into western Montana and northern Arizona.

Discussion Diurnal. Diet ranges widely, including spiders and beetles. Normally found under leaf litter and forest debris, logs and rocks.