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Has your lover ever called you an animal? You might think your romantic style is unique, but thereís probably a four or six legged creature out there using all the same tricks. Just answer these questions and youíll see, your love and romance habits might be positively beastly.

1. Do you spend your time with one person, or do you like to spread the wealth of your love?

  Thereís only one for me.
  Everyone deserves my love.

2. What do you look for in a lover:

  A pulse.
  Stunning good looks.
  Future earning potential.
  Romance and intrigue.

3. Who ends up with the broken heart in most of your relationships, you or your lover?

  I am the broken hearted.
  My poor broken hearted lovers.

4. Rate your love style:

  Wining and dining.
  Perfumed letters and midnight serenades.
  Kisses and cuddles.
  Rough and Ready.

5. Describe your mating style:

  Lusty lover.
  Selective seducer.
  Birthdays and holidays only.
  Ah, who needs it, anyway.

6. After a breakup, your philosophy is:

  See ya, wouldnít want to be ya!
  If at first you donít succeed, try, try again.
  Time heals all wounds.
  Iíll never love again.

7. Your favorite pickup line is:

  Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.
  If I followed you home, would you keep me?
  Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?
  Can I borrow a quarter? I told my mom Iíd call when I met my dream lover.