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Gambel's quail eggs

A Gambelís quail has laid 8 eggs in my geranium pot. Last week there were 2 eggs. Today, there are 8 eggs. What do I need to do to encourage the mother to incubate the eggs but at the same time take care of my plant. Luckily geraniums don't need much watering, usually every 3 weeks. Will it be okay to water from the bottom with a saucer. How long is incubation period? How long do babies stay in nest? I'm excited about this. I want to take pictures but I don't want to scare mother away. I would like to read an informative article about Gambelís quail (life cycle, etc.).

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

The reason the mother was not sitting on the eggs is that she does not begin to incubate the eggs until she has laid all the eggs. Normal clutch for Gambelís quail is 10 to 12 eggs. Then she will sit on them for 21 - 24 days until they hatch. They all hatch on the same day, and as soon as they dry off, the mother will lead them away from the nest. They will not return to the nest.

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