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Do skunks vocalize? Last few days have been hearing relatively loud, high-pitched, almost scream-like vocalizations in hours before dawn. Have heard same in years past. Lots of skunk activity (mephitus mephitus I think). Mild winter = ? early breeding behavior? Thanks!

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

Yes, the voice of a striped skunk is a high pitched scream. I have heard it before when one skunk (presumably a male) was investigating the access hole (under my porch) of a female that was not interested in mating. The vocalizations of the Striped Skunk have been described as low churrings, shrill screeches and birdlike twitters. Skunks mate in February and March, but males become quite active before the breeding season, possibly seeking out the dens of females with whom they can later mate.

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