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Winter, and Treefrogs

I have a outdoor pond, and a tree frog that lives in it. It has gotten cold the last two weeks, and I generally don't see the frog as often as I used to. When i do see it, it seems very cold. I know frogs are not warm blooded like mammals. My question is how can I help it through the winter? I live in NC. The frog is green, and grey, around 3 or four inches in diameter. oves to sit in the water on a rock.

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

Frogs (and other amphibians) are capable of remaining active at very low temperatures. I am not sure what type of frog you have, the size you give is a bit too large for a treefrog, and the fact that it remains at your pond also makes me think you are seeing some other type of frog of a more aquatic variety. You donít need to help it through the winter, it can find a suitable place to survive the cold, many species will burrow down into the muck at the bottom of the pond where the decaying organic matter keeps the temperature above freezing.

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