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The Road to Somewhere from Philly

I'm in college for Graphic Design and am going to finish my Associates degree, but I've decided that I want to find a job somewhere along the lines of Game Warden, Park Ranger, or anything like that that would involve and surround me with nature and wildlife. I was wondering what a good course of study would be, ie: Wildlife Technology or Wildlife and Fisheries Science. What's your job and what did you study? What do you think I should look at if I want to end up in the aforementioned careers?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

As far as careers go in the overall field of Wildlife studies, I suggest you discuss the matter with local wildlife managers, and see what they recommend. My advice is to study a broad range of topics related to plants and animals and see which area sparks the greatest interest. Even if you’re sure you want to study animals, make sure you take some classes in botany and plant taxonomy, knowing plants and plant communities is essential to studying most animals in the field. Also get a good handle on statistics, being able to design experiments and interpret field data will hinge on your ability to relate to statistical methodology.

One other thing, wherever you go to school, take advantage of the faculty available, find out which professors are tops in their field and check out their classes, I attended a University with a superior entomology professor and although I wasn’t particularly interested in insects, I took a class from him, and ended up pursuing a degree in entomology. A great teacher who teaches from the heart will inspire you and make your college career more rewarding. Good luck.

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