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Giant German Hornets

We have some enormous insects around here that my extension agent said where Giant German Hornets. They look like huge Yellow Jackets only they are brown or orange wherever a Yellow Jacket would be black. I also know someone who was stung by one. They seem to be attracted to bright lights at night. I'm allergic to bald-faced hornet venom as well as bumblebee venom. Am I likely to be allergic to these monsters? Why aren't they pictured at this site?

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

European Hornets Vespa crabro are the largest paper wasps in North America. If you are allergic to Wasps such as the Bald –faced Hornet, you are probably allergic to this species too, the proteins in the venom are not identical, but they are similar. They are reputed to be quite docile (as social wasps go). Our database is growing every day, we hope to have this species in the future. I have included a link from Germany which describes the gentle nature of these insects.

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