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Goldfinch migration

Can you please let me know if finches or goldfinches migrate south for the winter - my yard is full of them since I started putting out Thistle - I live in central N.J. Also, are some woodpeckers brown with white around the collar - I have this in my yard on the side of the tree trunks and I was not sure if they are woodpeckers. Thanks for your help

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

Goldfinches move around the area in the winter, not exactly a migration. However, you may not recognize them in winter because they turn olive-green-brown in the fall, and lose their black caps. Woodpeckers are common in your area. The downy and hairy woodpeckers are black and white (males have red spot on back of their heads), the red-bellied has an all red head, as does the red-headed woodpecker. But the woodpecker you described sounds like the northern flicker, which has borwn, black and white, with a little yellow in the wings.

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