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Bird ID in Southwest Virginia

I think it may be a finch species, but cannot locate it. It is a sparrow sized bird, brownish gray head and body, except some have a yellowish breast, and some have a yellow spot on the back where the wings come together. The wings are black/white, some with a bit of yellow, and some have white tail feathers, while others have darker tail feathers; the face is marked more like a white crowned sparrow; this one likes to hang upside down from the suet feeder, and is a tree climber moreso than a percher

Backyard Expert - Brian Cassie

Your birds are Yellow-rumped Warblers, which are fairly common to common woodland birds that spend fall through early spring mostly south of the snow line and then, in April and May, migrate to northern New England and Canada to breed. The more brightly colored birds are males.

Brian Cassie

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