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Backyard "Pests"

I need to remove a "problem" animal from my backyard. How can I do so in a humane manner?

Many people with "problem" animals in their yards or houses believe that simply live trapping and relocating the animals will be a humane and effective solution. There are many reasons that this isn't so. Consider:

  • Being trapped and transported is a traumatic experience that removes animals from familiar surroundings and often separates them from family or group members.
  • Many animals have amazing homing abilities and will find their way back from incredible distances. However, they are likely to face numerous perils along the way.
  • Suitable habitat for a given species is almost certainly already occupied to capacity by that species. The local, resident individuals are likely to drive newcomers away, often forcing them into marginal habitats or dangerous situations.
  • Most other people don't want these animals around, either. It's not really fair to foist your problems onto others.
  • When you remove animals from a place but don't destroy the habitat, it's usually not long before others move in to take their place. Relocation thus becomes a never-ending exercise in futility.

The way to deal with "problem" animals, if you can't learn to appreciate them, is to make your yard or house unattractive to them. Remove the food and shelter that they like. If relocation seems to be the only option, we suggest that you contact your local wildlife official or a licensed trapper.

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