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I love to feed and watch the squirrels but I worry about where they go in the winter time. There are very large nests in the tree across the street where they go in the summer time. Now that all of the leaves have fallen the nests look so exposed to the wind and snow. Do squirrels stay in their nests or do they go somewhere else more protected during the winter? Is there any special food I can provide during these cold, snowy months?

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

The nests you see that look so exposed are actually wonderful pieces of architecture, they are tightly constructed, and have a central chamber that is lined with plenty of insulating material to keep the squirrel safe, warm, and dry during your harsh winters. Squirrels stay in their nests during storms, they venture out during breaks in the weather to gather foods that they have stashed during the preceding summer and fall. Your wild squirrels should be able to find plenty of food to eat on their own, supplemental feeding is not necessary.

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