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Skunks & weasels

I am trying to figure out why skunks & weasels have not survived in the immediate area I live. I live on 20 acres of native brush connecting to a couple of hundred acres of native brush with about two dozen homes. There are also several hundred acres of new subdivisions around us with dense single family homes. I haven't seen any skunks or weasels around us in about ten years. We do however still see a very few racoons, many cotton tail rabbits, jack rabbits, mexican ground squirels, king snakes, roadrunners, Chachalacas, etc. There are also several hundred acres within a one mile which are agricultural fields typically planted in vegtables or grain. We live in the southern most tip of Texas. Why couldn' the skunks & weasles survive in my immediate area, one mile radius?

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

All populations of wild animals fluctuate for a variety of reasons. When populations get too large, crowding causes competition, stress, disease, and parasites to become prevalent and the species crashes, sometimes to the point of temporary local extinction. In areas where humans have severely altered the habitat, there is often a long lag before individuals from the surrounding countryside can move in and reestablish the species. Where I live we have periodic outbreaks of distemper which completely wipes out the wild fox populations. After these outbreaks, it takes years for us to start seeing foxes again. It is possible that something caused your local mustelids to crash and it may be some time before they get reestablished. If the suburban development around you is too dense and there are no wildlife corridors, your local extinctions may become permanent.

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