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Shiny black snake with yellow bands

I saw a small, thin, shinny black snake with highly defined bright yellow bands on its body. I think it might be a young snake. It was no larger than 10", it did not have a diamond head, its head was shinny black also. It saw me watching it and slowly moved away to a place under some leaves. It was an absolutely beautiful snake. There was nothing unusual about the way it moved, and it did not move qucikly. I saw it in an abandoned garden that had open spaces in some areas and many leaves in others. Two sides of the garden are open areas (driveway and carport) one other side is a large lawn with fruit trees and grape vines, and in the back of the garden is a large area that I have left uncut for wildlife and it has wild vines and weeds that are 3' tall. I have looked every place and have had no luck in identifying this breathtaking snake. I looked at the pictures of the southern ring-neck and yellow rat snake, but neither look like the snake I saw. I saw it in October. I live on a large lake that serves as a border between Georgia and South Carolina. The snake was approximately 2 foot ball fields uphill from the lake. If you identify the snake and tell me where I could find a photo of a similar one I will be even more grateful than I already am for the opportunity to have you consider my sighting. Thanks!

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

My guess is that you saw a Common Kingsnake. I know that the one in the picture looks like the bands around the body are pure white, but I have seen individuals where the light bands were a pale yellow. Lighting can also greatly influence the appearance of colors, making whites look yellowish.

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