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big purple snake in pasture

Saw a big fat purple snake in the pasture. Thought is was a log at first. Was about 6 1/2 ft. in length was as round as my upper arm. Unable to see it's head. Thought it may be a blue indigo which may be about to shed its skin. We have lots of indigos...but nothing of this size. The color was a deep purple solid color. It scared the heck out of me. Let me know if you think it may be poisonous. Thanks, Maddie.

Wildlife Expert - David Herlocker

I would agree with your first guess, it sounds like an Indigo snake to me, but it could have been a Black Rat Snake too. The reason it was so fat may indicate that it had just taken a big meal and its body was still distended. The stretching of the skin would also account for the purple appearance (the skin between the black scales shows when the snake is still digesting a big food item, this gives a purple appearance). Neither of these species is poisonous.

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