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Wild Turkeys

I just moved to this house in upstate NY this past summer. Ever since I moved here I have been watching the turkeys come to my bird feeders daily. At first there were only two adults with about seven young and then there were about twenty of different ages traveling together. It was so interesting to watch. In the past month, there is only one adult and her four young who seem to be left. There is a heavily treed lot behind my house where they have been traveling to and now that the leaves have fallen there is a lot of clearing. I fear that the turkeys are now not able to find sufficient shelter. Is there something I can put up for them to help them through the winter or can they take care of themselves?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

You are very fortunate to have wild turkeys at your bird feeders. Your description of flocking, or the joining of families late in the summer, is typical behavior. So, too, is your suspicion that there is no longer enough natural cover for them now that the leaves have fallen. There is nothing you can do or should do to try to help them through the winter. They are very capable of surviving winter weather. Just keep feeding them, and they will be fine.

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