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Aggressive Robins

Robins are migrating through our area now and daily chase each other around the yard, even into windows. They fight just to fight it seems. I observed one in the birdbath and another on the rim challenging it to the point where they hunched their shoulders at each other and audibly clacked their beaks. This isn't the red, red robin that comes bob, bob, bobbin' along. Seems like a whole different breed. I never saw this happen even during nesting/mating season. Can you explain why they are expending so much energy on fisticuffs when they should be heading south?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

It is very natural behavior for American robins to be aggressive during migration. They only occur in large flocks during migration and in winter. Most are juveniles that are establishing a pecking order, and all may be aggressive as they compete for food and water. The seemingly peaceful robins in your yard in spring and summer have paired and are breeding. Unless their territory is encroached upon by another robin or a predator, they are not usually aggressive.

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