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Hi, I live in New Jersey. We recently discovered what appear to be bumblebees, entering and exiting an abandoned chipmunk hole in our front lawn. These bees are approx. 3/4" long, are yellow in front and furry black behind. We really need to mow our lawn - I don't want to get rid of these beneficial creatures, but also do not want to get stung whilst mowing...any suggestions? Is there a better time to mow - at night? Or during the day when more bees are out of the nest??? Or is it foolish to even think about mowing over an active bee nest? Thanks for any advice!

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

First off, I must ask you why you "need" to mow your lawn. Lawns are basically biological deserts that offer no valuable wildlife habitat. Please consider converting your lawn to something more wildlife friendly. You could start by not mowing.

If you feel you must mow, I would suggest mowing at night or early in the morning while it's still cool and leaving a small buffer around the nest.

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