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Neighbor shooting animals

Hollo, I live just outside of the village limits of Six Lkes Michigan. My concern is with my neighbor (who lives in the village) shooting any animal he sees on his property. I know they aren't endangered and some of them can be a bother but he is shooting woodchucks, red squirrels, grackles and cow birds and probably others. I have a feeling he may be shooting the gray squirrel as well. I live on seven acres with a 1/2 pond and 1000 ft of river frontage. As far as small mammals, with the woods and water I have only seen four rabbits, a badger , a woodchuck and a gray squirrel. I've written to the Michigan DNR and several Wildlife groups on the internet and have never received an answer from anyone. Since my neighbor is the township fire chief and is well know in the county I don't think talking to anyone local will do any good. I haven't said anything to him which wouldn't do any good anyway and I don't really want him to know my concerns becaue I have to live next door to him. With all that my question is, where can I go for help to get this stopped?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

First off, I assume that it is legal to discharge a firearm in the area. It's not in many areas. Working on that assumption, I'm sure it is necessary to have a depredation permit to kill these animals out of season (if they even have a season). You can't just go shooting anything anytime anywhere. Grackles and cowbirds are protected at all times under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

I suggest you arm yourself with the regulations. Contact DNR and find out when and under what circumstances it is legal to shoot each of these animals. Then, if you feel you have some legal footing, you can contact your local wildlife officer. Do it by phone or in person, not in writing, and don't take "no" for an answer.

Bear in mind that your neighbor is likely to figure out who the rat is.

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