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hummingbird moth host plants

yesterday I observed a hummingbird moth (plump body, rust and pale olive colouring) laying single pale green eggs on the base of the trunk of a small Nannyberry Viburnum. Are viburnums potential hosts for this moth? I read on this site that they eat honeysuckle, and that Bumblebee moths eat viburnums, but I am certain this was a hummingbird moth, as I was able to have a very good look at it. Could it be that viburnums are also host plant options for them, just like some swallowtails eat both parsley and rue.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

The site actually says, "honeysuckle family," which includes the viburnums. The Hummingbird Moth larva also eats hawthorns and plums, which are in the rose family.

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