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Canada Geese in Virginia Beach

I grew up in Virginia Beach and still live here. As a child growing up I never saw any Canada geese except in places farther north such as NY, when on family vacations. Now I see them everywhere such as local lakes and parks all times of the year. Is there a reason for this migration pattern change and their relocation?

Birding Expert - George H. Harrison

Yes, there has been a huge change in Canada goose population dynamics. The geese that you are seeing now in Virginia, are not the same subspecies as the migratory geese you saw as a child. The subspecies that has spread across the East, Midwest and throughout much of the country is a resident Canada goose, and generally larger in size than the migrants. They have become a major problem for people and waterfowl managers. They are polluters, trash birds and a general nuisance on corporate lawns, golf courses, private lawns, lakes and reservoirs. They do not migrate, yet thrive in most regions. Game managers are doing everything they can to offer liberal hunting seasons on these residents before the migrants arrive from the North in October. But, so far, the resident geese are still increasing in numbers, and becoming more of a problem.

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