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Hi, Are Wolffish and Conger Eels/Ocean Pout the same thing? I am having trouble telling them apart while diving, if in fact they are separate and distinct from each other. Thanks.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Your confusion is understandable, but they are different species. In fact, they're in different families. The Atlantic Wolffish is in the wolffish family (Anarhichadidae) whereas the Ocean Pout is in the eelpout family (Zoarcidae). A to Z! Both are eel-like. Perhaps the easiest way of telling them apart is that the wolffishes have separate dorsal, caudal, and anal fins while in the eelpouts they're all continuous. The eelpouts also have more-elongate bodies and inferior (overhung) mouths and are generally smaller, with proportionately smaller pectoral fins.

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